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Cindy is the founder of A ‘minimalist’ mum, she started a generativity blog in 2012. Cindy is an educator and community volunteer for close to 30 years. I am a ‘minimalist’ designer. We hit off well as we speak the same lingo.

I learned a lot from her when she shared with me her experiences on how she is helping elderly to age properly. It makes me realised that one day I will be at my later stage of my life. I need to prepare for my old age as well.

She has special recipes that help people who don’t have time to prepare nutritious meals for one self or family. She also has interesting articles about parenting, wealth building and character building.

For her age, she is considered a very tech-savvy mum. I am awed by the way she learns new things. She has no clue how to use WordPress and we taught her step-by-step that she can understand and I respect her for her proactive learning heart.

We implemented The UserWay Accessibility Widget help her visitors to access digital experience anywhere. Do check out the website that we built for her.

What our client say

The ability to be empathetic and go all the way to fulfill a client’s needs was what attracted me to RW Design Creations: they did not disappoint!

Every single day, we are loving the harmonious fonts and good vibes whenever we look at the web page they have designed and set up for us – its simple and functional layout works great and is really simple and easy to navigate from the user end.

RW Design Creations has also been precise in their delivery of services. I want to thank them for their patience in assisting us to build a quality website to serve a greater good!

Cindy Soo
Red Dot Mum

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