Why Choose RWDC?

Branding services that suit your business needs

  Design Thinking Strategy Workshops
  One-on-One Interviews
  User Experience Research (UX Research)

  Brand Purpose
  Brand Positioning
  Brand Architecture

  Concept Creation
  Corporate Brand Development
  Corporate Web Design and Development

Brand Applications
  Brand Logo
      Other Corporate Identity (Business cards, Letterhead, Envelopes, Corporate Tshirts etc)
  Marketing Materials
      (Brochures, eBrochures, Posters, Flyers, EDM, Standee, Infographics, Invitations Cards)
  Packaging Design

  Marcom Strategy & Planning
  User Experience (UX Design)

What our Partners do well in these areas
  Content Strategy
  Public Relations
  Corporate Events
  Corporate Gifts
  Creative Printing
  IT Web Development
  IT Mobile App Development
  Photography and Styling
  Social Media Advertising

Walking the Journey with You

RWDC is founded by Rachel Won in 2013. Rachel Won likes Nature and gets her sparks of inspirations and creativity from there. She believes design is a creation of harmony and an aesthetic solution to deliver her clients’ message across.

Till date, RWDC works have constantly brought value to her loyal stream of clients and Rachel is grateful for their years of support since her business got started.

Rachel enjoys giving back to society and regularly contributes her time to non-profit organisations.

How RWDC value-add her Clients?

Working dedicatedly with Clients

We enjoy working with clients who respect our professional work and time. We value each individual relationship forged. As your business friend, you can always trust and depend on us.

Highly Customised Work

Our ability to respond and individually implement customer-specific requirements. Bespoke customer design can go from a simple layout task right up to the development of an entire system.

Attentive Listener

We are able to listen with empathy and understanding. With that, we propose design solutions catered for your business needs.

Milestones Delivery

We have our processes ready and milestones set with our clients. Timeline is reviewed and revised to ensure a prompt finish of your project.

Quality Assured

Highly crafted work by our reliable team. We help our clients to identify useful insights and solutions.

Always offer a Solution

We pride ourselves in offering alternative solutions to your business issues.



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