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Hyder ‘The High Flyer’ Taufik is a speaker, coach, author and director of the High Flyer Nation.

As a peak performance specialist, he helps individuals consistently perform at their peak potential so they can accelerate their progress and reach their goals faster.

Hyder is obsessed with self-mastery. His cause is to uncover the most coveted strategies of world-class peak performers and share them with the masses. He enjoys coaching professionals, TED speakers, entrepreneurs and international students.

Hyder also trains top-tier executives, leaders and managers to be internationally certified public speaking coaches.

I learned a lot from him when he shared with me how he faced struggles and challenges and he learnt how to overcome them one by one through peak performance coaching. Every time I meet him, I am so inspired how he touched lives and it is possible to dream whatever we want and achieve it.

We helped him to design his company logo and he loves it immediately. He loves it so much that he printed his logo on to his mug and flask. I received this lovely Xmas gift from Hyder. It encourages me to be a thoughtful designer, put my clients best interests at heart.

We also implemented a sales funnel for him to engage his potential customers to access contents and tips easily. Do check out the website that we built for him.

What our client say

When I first asked Rachel to design the perfect personal branding logo, I was impressed by her confidence. And when I saw the end product, I finally understood why.

Rachel has the special talent to encapsulate the values, beliefs and principles of a personal brand and reflect it in a beautiful illustration. This X-factor skill is lacking in many designers, but Rachel has it in spades.

She factored in my character, profession and my beliefs in crafting the perfect logo for me and I made the right call to let her work her magic.

Despite my request for a number of amendments, Rachel remained unwaveringly patient and professional, and delivered the iterations promptly with no hassle. This was truly impressive, and seeing the evolution of my logo made me increasingly excited to see the end product.

When she finally delivered the final design, I was blown over by the richness, detail and thought that went into crafting the perfect logo that represented who I was as a professional speaker and individual.

Overall, I’m absolutely satisfied working with Rachel and would recommend anyone looking for a highly professional designer to hire her!

Hyder, thanks for your trust and support.

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