TI Fun Conference 2017

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Project for TI Fun Conference 2017

Fun Conference, TI District 80 Annual Conference, 27 & 28 May 2017. Brewing something fun, exciting and memorable for 1000 toastmasters. I am blessed and joyful to be able to work with Tay Tiam Teang and Nora Bamadhaj. Both of them are great leaders. Bringing out the best version of us and with open communication.

When Nora came to me and she just said, “I need a fun theme for the event.” The rest is history. I helped to conceptualise by crafting how this event visuals should look like. It’s more than just putting things together but to create meaning. I have helped in the entire conference’s branding and received positive feedback.

Read more about Fun Conference story. (Link to blog story)

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