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By Rachel Won / 13 May 2019 / Tags: Entrepreneur Journey

“Can you create innovators and entrepreneurs from ordinary people and communities? I absolutely believe so.” This is how Prof. Rajesh Nair, LuxTag® Advisor and Professor at Asia School of Business, opened his speech at 73rd United Nations General Assembly, stating that there’s so much talent out there that we are not really tapping.

To start from zero, do we really need a lot of expensive tools to build something?

No, it is totally possible to create stimuli with what surrounds you. With zero knowledge about business and create your products and services, you can start by reading books in such areas, ask experienced business owners or attend business course to get the fundamentals right. Entrepreneurship also requires creativity as well and willing to take calculated risks.

These days there are many online courses and free tools, where you can easily embark your journey and you don’t have to invest a lot in expensive tools to get you started.

The 2nd stage is making makers.

As a creative designer, we belong to makers category as we like to create meaningful designs and make things beautiful and useful.

The 3rd stage after “making makers” is making innovators.

An innovator is someone who identifies a problem and solves it, and to trigger this kind of mentality, it is essential to teach design thinking as a primary tool to define need and idea solution.

The last stage is launching entrepreneurs

The knowledge of a problem that is seen as an opportunity, and that can be monetized.

This process described Prof. Rajesh takes uninitiated individuals to makers that can hack things and make things that are feasible, to an innovator who can hack problems, and finally to entrepreneurs that can hack opportunities and make things viable.

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“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t live dreams in your heart. Execute them in reality.” Rachel Won

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