Focus on results, not on perfecting UX

By Rachel Won / 19 Aug 2019 / Tags: Design Insights

Focus on results, not on perfecting UX. When designing, think about what the person is trying to accomplish. Don’t let the design get in the way….

Good reminder for perfectionist designers often says it should take three clicks to reach an end destination. Whereas it’s about the experience of the journey, as long as it’s not frustrating / difficult to get where the user needs to be, it’s good design.

Apply 80/20 rule, What Don Norman is trying to say it is important to take care of UX design, but it is not the most important aspect to create the system. We just need to create an experience that have most users would be satisfied and not brood over a few unhappy users as much because even if it’s not 100%, because as long as the user gets the desired result with a 99% satisfactory experience, that last 1% can be overlooked.

We can’t please everyone. Think about the big picture.

“You have to take into account all the factors, all the people are part of the system. Think about what the person is trying to accomplish, how will they appreciate it and be happy with it.” Don Norman

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