Customer Journey Map Vs Service Blueprint

By Rachel Won / 25 Nov 2019 / Tags: Design Insights

The difference of Journey Map and Service Blueprint
Journey mapping can help you to document surface customer experiences, service blueprint helps you “evidence” the reality of your organization.

The fundamental value of a service blueprint provides an objective picture, based in the reality of how your organization delivers, what they deliver and the end-to-end view of how it is orchestrated.

Below is the customer journey template.

When to use which methods?
When you don’t have understanding of how your customers are experiencing and what you have to offer to them.
  User customer journey map is a great way to uncover that, make it tangible for your organization and build empathy around your customer
  The need to understand your customers better, especially people taste and lifestyle changes over years.

When you have good understanding of your customer experience / identify a particular pain point for your customers / internal teams.
  Service blueprint will be your next step
  Allow you to dive deep into how you deliver an experience and how your organization functions.
  Address organizational pain and breakdown of process internally.

Hence, don’t just go chasing customers’ pain. There are cases where customers’ experiences can be perfectly delightful but behind the scenes, the organization is going to great lengths to patch it together and maintain the appearance of cohesion.

For such cases you need to use journey map to map the emotional experiences of your internal staff, in order to understand organizational pains, challenges and opportunities for improvement.

We have to pay attention to these internal organizational experiences (in the form of reduce costs, increase efficiency, boosted moral and overall health of the business itself – might impact the customers), just as much as we pay attention to the customers experience.

Below is the detailed service blueprint template.

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